ILYOS Presents Classic Australian Eagles Interviews - PART 3

ILYOS Presents Classic Australian Eagles Interviews - PART 3

Posted 6 Dec 2017

Hotel California is the Eagles most iconic album, released in 1977 and celebrating it's 40th Anniversary with a Deluxe re-issue that has just been released this month. Read more about where to order the album and info here

To celebrate this landmark release we have collated some brilliant archival interviews with the band, as well as added features of tracks from the album. This is an ILYOS exclusive and we really hope you sit back, relax and enjoy delving into these audio segments!

We'll publish all 8 episodes in the series through the course of the next fortnight so stay tuned for more! Find Part 1 here, and Part 2 here. 

Press play on the below videos to hear the late Glenn Frey discuss the making of the iconic record and the relationship between the band members at the time...

New Kid In Town

One Of These Nights

Listen to the 40th Anniversary re-issue album here, which includes the original album remastered, live and unreleased tracks...

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