60 Hits of the '60s

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60 Hits of the '60s


We're pleased to announce: I Like Your Old Stuff in association with Warner Music Australia has released six new 4CD titles - each focusing on a decade of popular music.

The titles are:
60 Hits of the '60s (Plus 20 Great Covers of Other '60s Hits)
70 Hits of the '70s
80s Hits of the '80s
Hits of the '90s
Hits of the '00s
...and a collection called Spurts! Punk & Post-Punk from the ‘70s & Beyond

Expect more info on each of them over the coming weeks, in the meantime, let’s start with the ‘60s set, which features 60 charting Australian hits, plus a fourth disc of 20 covers from the ‘70s & '80s of classic ‘60s hits. The complete track listing is below – in the meantime here are a few of our favourites from the collection.

Bobby Darin - If I Were A Carpenter

Ross D Wyllie - The Star

Cilla Black - You’re My World

The Monkees - I’m A Believer

Arthur Conley - Sweet Soul Music

And from the 20 Great Covers of other 60s Hits disc...

Ted Mulry Gang – Sha La La Lee


Find out more about 60 Hits of the '60s (Plus 20 Great Covers of Other '60s Hits) here.

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