80s Classics From Stranger Things 3

80s Classics From Stranger Things 3

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The wait is finally over! 18 months after the release of Stranger Things 2, the super binge-able, supernatural thriller’s third instalment has arrived and a record-breaking number of fans have wasted no time in making their return to Hawkins, Indiana.

Without giving anything away (for those who actually restrained from binging ALL 8 episodes straight away), season 3 is an action-packed, fantasy epic of psionic powers and monster showdowns with the new addition of classic Russian spies. Every scene is dripping in 80s nostalgia and pop-culture references, guaranteed to kickstart your annual obsession with 80s music! So, here are some highlights from the throwback soundtrack of the year. 

Madonna | "Material Girl"

It just wouldn’t be the 80s without a shop-til-you-drop fashion montage at The Gap! Max and Eleven break free of their beaus for a little retail therapy set to the tune of this iconic Madonna song, from 1984's Like A Virgin. Perfection!

Episode 3 brings us more glorious Madonna in the form of one of her rarely played, early singles, "Angel".

The Cars | "Moving In Stereo"

This season's first episode contains a tasty little throwback to the iconic pool scene from the 1982 classic film Fast Times At Ridgemont High as Billy (Dacre Montgomery) makes an entrance to his poolside lifeguard post that’s almost too much for the mum’s of Hawkins to handle.

Foreigner | "Hot Blooded"

This one might not technically be an 80s song, but its popularity was certainly still going strong, and it fits so perfectly in the scene where Billy… before the Mind Flayer infected him … appreciates Mrs. Wheeler’s sexy new swimsuit and … ahem …‘top form’. 

Foreigner makes another appearance with "Cold As Ice" a little later, but to say much more would be a massive spoiler. Just remember: Friends don’t lie!


Limahl | "NeverEnding Story"

Stranger Things season 3 had so many incredible music moments, but the hands down, show-stealing moment of the entire season comes down to the finale when Dustin and his girlfriend Suzie … aka Dusty-bun and Suzie-poo …launch into an incredible rendition of "Never Ending Story" complete with next level Everly Brothers harmonies. It's so ironic that you’re probably going to need to watch The NeverEnding Story after you finish your Stranger Things 3 binge.

Or, have a go yourself! Inspired by this adorably memorable scene? Millie Bobby Brown (aka Eleven) has launched the #NeverEndingChallenge where she lip-syncs and dances to the scene. Dedicated fans have quickly jumped in, uploading their own take on the scene to social media.



I nominate YOU to do the #NeverEndingChallenge @strangerthingstv @netflix

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Amazing, right? The rules aren't strict either. Some people re-enact the entire scene start to finish, others actually sing along to the song and some just let loose and dance. There's no right way, just listen to Dustin and Suzie's version and let inspiration do the rest!

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