An Aussie Cyclist has Recreated Nirvana’s Iconic ‘Nevermind’ Cover Art Using GPS

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An Aussie Cyclist has Recreated Nirvana’s Iconic ‘Nevermind’ Cover Art Using GPS

Posted 28 Sep 2021
nevermind cover art
Nevermind cover art. 

Australian cyclist and grunge enthusiast, Pete Stokes has commemorated the recent 30th anniversary of Nirvana’s monolithic breakthrough album, Nevermind by recreating the iconic 1991 album cover using GPS. 

With the help of an exercise tracker called Strava, the national parks project manager cycled approximately 150km through the streets of Adelaide, sketching the outline of the swimming baby featured on the album’ artwork in the process.


Stokes told The Guardian newspaper that the project took him about eight hours to complete... give or take a few bakery in between.

“It’s whatever takes my fancy at the time. Nirvana has its place in my record collection,” he said. “When this album came out I was in high school – I was about 14, and that’s when you’re forming your love of music.”

Previously, the 45-year-old cyclist has sketched a GPS portrait of Ludwig van Beethoven in honour of the composer’s 250th birthday, along with pictures of dinosaurs, dragons, even a selfie!

Nirvana changed music forever with the release of their second LP Nevermind, released on September 24, 1991. Hit singles Smells Like Teen Spirit and Come As You Are literally took over the commercial airwaves, ushering in the era of alt-rock and inspiring generations of musicians in their wake.

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