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Angus Loves Chuck!


Of course the rock world is currently mourning the loss of the man who arguably started it all. We're not sure if we'll see a tribute to Chuck Berry from one of his great disciples, the reclusive Angus Young, but no matter because he has spoken about Chuck's influence on camera a number of times over the years. Let's have a look...

Here he is - speaking very eloquently - to a British TV interviewer sometime around the beginning of the century (we know that because the interviewer mentions the AC/DC song "Satellite Blues" which came out on Stiff Upper Lip in 2000).


...and here is yakking with Australia's own Myf Warhurst.


Here he talks about learning how to work a crowd by watching Chuck...


...and here he gives us 'a bit of Chuck' (around the 2 minute mark) as he talks about his early influences. 

Of course we all know Angus loves to duckwalk...


And here's where he got that from... (some great stuff in here!)

So let's finish off with AC/DC's great cover of "School Days" from their second album, 1975's T.N.T.

 - DL

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