Archie Roach: Creation

Archie Roach: Creation


Creation, a 4CD set by one of Australia’s much loved and revered voices and songwriters, Archie Roach, features remastered versions of his first four albums - the four albums he recorded for Mushroom Records between 1990 and 2002 – together with over a dozen unreleased bonus tracks. Beautifully packaged, it also includes detailed liner notes, commentary from Archie’s producers including Paul Kelly, and unseen images from the archives of photographer and former Mushroom art director Pierre Baroni.

Creation consolidates a body of work from a storyteller who continues to make a profound and lasting connection with people of all ages. This work found its genesis at the family’s kitchen table. Archie created, crafted and then recorded songs on an old tape deck. Never far from his side his late partner and musical muse, Ruby Hunter, would provide never-ending cups of tea and occasional harmonies. It was at this kitchen table, with life bursting at the seams all around him; children running around, family and friends dropping in at all hours of the day and night, that Archie captured the essence of those songs that would one day travel to touch the hearts and souls of people worldwide.

Charcoal Lane, co-produced by Paul Kelly and the late Steve Connolly, brought a young and painfully shy Archie Roach to the attention of music fans worldwide in 1990. In 1992 he released his second album, Jamu Dreaming, produced by David Bridie, which was followed five years later by Looking for Butter Boy, produced by Malcolm Burn. His final Mushroom album, 2002’s Sensual Being, was co-produced by Richard Pleasance and Paul Kelly.

Creation brings to life for the very first time this majestic body of Archie Roach’s early work, both old and found, a home made gift from the healing hands of our nation’s most cherished storyteller and songman.



  1. Native Born
  2. Charcoal Lane
  3. Munjana
  4. I've Lied
  5. Down City Streets
  6. Took the Children Away
  7. Sister Brother
  8. Beautiful Child
  9. No No No
  10. Summer Of My Life
  11. Took the Children Away(from Koorie Koorie cassette)
  12. Koorie Koorie(from Koorie Koorie cassette)
  13. Hung Over(unreleased from Charcoal Lane sessions)


  1. Weeping In The Forest
  2. From Paradise
  3. Mr T
  4. Love In The Morning
  5. Tell Me Why
  6. Walking Into Doors
  7. Wild Blue Gums
  8. So Young
  9. Angela
  10. Jamu Dreaming
  11. There is a Garden
  12. Weeping In the Forest (Live in Canada)
  13. Tell Me Why (Live at Melbourne Concert Hall)
  14. Walking Into Doors (Live at Sydney Opera House)
  15. There is a Garden - Reprise


  1. Beggar Man
  2. A Child Was Born Here
  3. My Grandmother
  4. Dancing With My Spirit
  5. F-Troop
  6. Mother's Heartbeat
  7. Djubakai Woman
  8. Hold On Tight
  9. The River Song
  10. Reach For You
  11. Give Unto Caesar
  12. Louis St. John
  13. Watching Over Me
  14. Beggar Man (demo)
  15. Dancing Shoes (demo)
  16. Nowhere To Go (demo)
  17. Colour Of Your Jumper (demo)


  1. Alien Invasion
  2. Life Is Worth Living
  3. Just A Little Time
  4. Will I See You Tonight
  5. Mission Ration Blues
  6. Outside Your Window
  7. Many Waters Rise
  8. Cold Wind Blows
  9. Free To Be A Man
  10. Morning Star
  11. Move It On
  12. Small Child
  13. This Woman (demo)
  14. If You Grow Up Too Fast (demo)
  15. Mulyawongk (demo)
  16. I Don't Wanna Go (demo)

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