B-Side Ourselves

B-Side Ourselves

Posted 17 Nov 2017

Skid Row's B-Side Ourselves, released on vinyl during Rocktober, has been released digitally for the first time this week. The 5-track EP was originally released in 1992 and contains cover songs from iconic bands like Ramones (Psycho Therapy), KISS (C'mon and Love Me) and Judas Priest (Delivering The Goods).

"Delivering the Goods" is a live recording and features Judas Priest singer Rob Halford sharing lead vocals with Sebastian Bach. The track was released as a promotional single and was later included on the A Tribute to the Priest album, while a different recording, again featuring Halford, was released on Skid Row's live EP Subhuman Beings on Tour.

"Psycho Therapy" features a guest appearance from Faster Pussycat's Taime Downe on backing vocals. Music videos were made for "Psycho Therapy" and "Little Wing", the latter of which was also released as a promo single. Both music videos feature on the Skid Row video album No Frills Video. Live performances of "Psycho Therapy" and "C'mon and Love Me" feature on the Skid Row video album Road Kill. "C'mon and Love Me" was also released as a promo single and featured a rare music video from the band.


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