Bee Gees Spicks & Specks Turns 50

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Bee Gees Spicks & Specks Turns 50


Happy 50th anniversary to the Bee Gees' classic second album, Spicks & Specks, which was released in November 1966 as the single of the same name – the boys' first hit – was riding high on the Aussie charts.

The album is a ripper and if you like the Bee Gees’ early material and haven’t heard great tracks like "Jingle Jangle", "Playdown" and "How Many Birds" you owe it to yourself to give it a listen.

Here are 20 classic but still under appreciated tracks from the Bee Gees, recorded in Sydney in the '60s, before they headed back to the UK in 1966.

Because too much of a great thing isn’t enough, here’s the much loved original "Spicks & Specks" film clip:

A great live version...

Status Quo’s faithful version too, released on their debut album in 1968, which we’d not heard before!

- DL

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