Before She Was Christine McVie, She Was Perfect! (And She Still Is)

Before She Was Christine McVie, She Was Perfect! (And She Still Is)

christine mcvie 1979 fleetwood mac
1979 in San Francisco, California. Photo by Ed Perlstein/Redferns/Getty Images.

Christine McVie was born Christine Anne Perfect on July 12 1943, and became Christine McVie when she married Fleetwood Mac bassplayer John McVie in 1968. At the time she was a member of blues band Chicken Shack and was soon to release a solo album; she wouldn’t join Fleetwood Mac until 1970.

Of course Christine came to the world’s attention with the release of the self-titled Fleetwood Mac album in 1975. The first Mac album with Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, it featured much-loved Christine tracks like "Say You Love Me" and "Over My Head". Then came Rumours; Christine songs on that of course included "Don’t Stop", "You Make Lovin Fun" and "Songbird".  

One of our fave Christine penned tracks is "Everywhere" from Tango In The Night, released in 1987.

But, let's explore her songwriting nouse a little deeper with these gems below...

While these records established her as a writer and singer of beautiful, simple and soulful piano-driven pop-rock numbers, what’s not often realised is that she’d been that for some years already. Indeed, she was a member of Fleetwood Mac for five albums preceding the self-titled one, and on each, she contributed tracks that can sit beautifully next to her more popular numbers, but which relatively few people have ever heard.

We at ILYOS think these songs deserve a wider audience, so we take great pleasure in bringing you the best of them. If you’re a fan of Christine’s later and current such as the brand new duo album by Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie work, we think you’ll enjoy these immensely. 

(And someone should really compile a Christine McVie ‘best of’ that includes all this stuff; until that happens check out our ‘Christine McVie is Perfect’ playlist below these videos to hear how we reckon it should line up.)

"Remember Me"

Fabulous single from 1973’s Penguin album. Should have been a hit!

"Heroes Are Hard To Find"

Title track from their 1974 album. It was the only single and didn’t chart. Christine had four songs all up on the album.

"Come A Little Bit Closer"

Another one from Heroes Are Hard to Find. Should have been the single!

"Morning Rain"

From 1971’s Future Games, which featured two from Christine.    



A lovely rocking number from Penguin.  

"Spare Me A Little Of Your Love"

From the 1972 album Spare Trees, and one of two of Christine’s numbers on the album.

"Did You Ever Love Me"

Another single from Penguin. Love the steel drum Caribbean vibe of this.

"Just Crazy Love"

From Mac’s second album of the year in ‘73 Mystery to Me

"Believe Me"

Another one from Mystery To Me – Christine wrote and sung four on this one all up.

"Prove Your Love"

Another one from Heroes Are Hard to Find.

"Homeward Bound"

A beautifully creamy rocker to finish our Mac selections with, again from Spare Trees.

"I’d Rather Go Blind"

Superb version of the Etta James hit, recorded with Chicken Shack and appearing in ‘Christine Perfect’ – Christine’s first solo album from 1970. This track reached #14 on the U.K. Charts.



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