Billy Idol Stars In NYC Anti-Idling Campaign “Billy Never Idles”

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Billy Idol Stars In NYC Anti-Idling Campaign “Billy Never Idles”

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Billy Idol and Mayor Bill de Blasio declare "War on Idling" at City Hall on February 27, 2020, NYC. Photo by Janet Mayer/Star Max/GC Images.

Punk rock icon, Billy Idol has thrown his tough-guy image behind a worthy cause, stepping forward as the face of New York City’s radical new anti-pollution campaign coined, ‘Billy Never Idles’

The $1 million ad campaign throughout New York City, features Billy Idol and his message "Billy Never Idles, Neither Should You. Shut your engine off" on billboards, taxi’s and multiple social media platforms (hashtag #billyneveridles), giving drivers a blazing reminder to shut off their ignition when they’re not driving after “more than three minutes … except in a school zone, where the limit is one minute” and encouraging individuals to file citizen complaints on those breaking the law – something that's incentivised by the city, offering individuals 25% of the penalty fine issued to offenders they record and report.

'Billy Never Idles'

Mayor Bill de Blasio kicked off the campaign alongside Idol at a press conference outside New York City’s City Hall on Thursday morning (Feb 27), saying: “Billy Idol never idles and neither should you. It chokes our air, hurts the environment, and is bad for New York. We’re sending a loud message with a Rebel Yell: turn off your engines or pay up.”

Billy was keen to remind everyone that awesome puns aside, at the heart of the cause is a very real need to fight fume-spewing vehicles on Big Apple streets. “When I heard about this campaign it just made sense,” Idol said. “It’s amusing but also very serious. If you can … shut off your engine and save my health … I need my lungs to breathe and sing.”

Rocker Billy Idol & NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio launch 'War on Idling'

“I love New York City and I’m delighted to lend my support to a campaign benefiting our environment” explained the iconic British rocker, an avowed environmentalist who has lived in the city for decades after launching his singing career in England’s late-’70s Punk explosion.  

“Like most New Yorkers, I’m troubled when I see cars and trucks sitting idle while polluting our neighbourhoods. New Yorkers are some of the most hardworking, passionate people in the world and I hope they will join me in turning off their engines. Shut it off New York!”

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