Check Out The Pretenders’ Lockdown Series Dedicated To Bob Dylan Covers

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Check Out The Pretenders’ Lockdown Series Dedicated To Bob Dylan Covers

Posted 20 May 2020
chrissie hynde, bob bylan
Chrissie Hynde and Bob Dylan performing at Wembley Stadium. Photo by Keith Baugh/Redferns.

The Pretenders’ have been keeping busy in quarantine by recording a lockdown series dedicated entirely to Bob Dylan covers called Dylan's Lockdown Series. For the latest instalment – the third so far – Chrissie Hynde and bandmate, James Walbourne have teamed up for an ultra-soothing rendition of Dylan’s “Standing in the Doorway” off his 1997 Time Out Of Mind album.

Hynde and Walbourne’s stunning take on the track stays close to the original arrangement, while reminding us of  the singer’s softer side has her voice floats blissfully over the piano-led ballad. Listen below. 

Chrissie Hynde & James Walbourne | “Standing In The Doorway” by Bob Dylan [Dylan’s Lockdown Series No.3]

The track was mixed by Tchad Blake, while the accompanying video – showcasing the vast array of outdoor space so many of us are craving right now – was made with the help of Blake’s family.“Thanks one more to Tchad Blake on mixing duties and the whole Blake family for the video,” she posted on Instagram to announce the new recording.

“Standing in the Doorway” marks the third instalment in the Dylan Lockdown Series, which has also delivered collaborative takes on Dylan’s “In The Summertime” from 1981’s Shot of Love, and “You’re A Big Girl Now” from 1975’s Blood on the Tracks. Watch the whole series here. 

The Pretenders are gearing up to release their latest LP Hate For Sale on July 17th.  The record has so far been previewed with the release of the title track and the singles “You Can’t Hurt a Fool” and “The Buzz,” written with bandmate James Walbourne.

“I wanted to write with him since day one,” Hynde said in a statement about the making of the new album. “James is especially sought after and has recorded with Jerry Lee Lewis, Dave Gahan and the Rails, to name but a few.”

“We always planned on writing while on the road, but as anyone in a band will tell you, being on tour is a procrastinator’s dream come true.”

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