Do The Funky Gibbon - The Songs of The Goodies!

Do The Funky Gibbon - The Songs of The Goodies!

Posted 25 Jun 2020
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Tim Brooke-Taylor, Bill Oddie and Graeme Garden of The Goodies, 1972. Photo by Don Smith/Radio Times via Getty Images.

For generations of Australians, the recent passing of Tim Brooke-Taylor of The Goodies was a sad occasion. The Goodies were phenomenally popular with young television audiences in Australia in the '70s and beyond. Their show, The Goodies, was on regular repeat on ABC Television, more often than not filling the dinner time spot at a time when formal dining was a thing of the past and Australian families ate their meals in front of the telly with their plates in their laps. A frequent remembrance on social media following Tim's passing was of rushing home from after-school hangouts to get home in time to watch the show.

Looked at (and sometimes having to be cut) in Australia as a kids' show, because of the time slot, the program screened later in the evening in the UK and therefore attracted a somewhat older audience. That said, the Goodies actually became pop stars at home on the back of hit singles like "The Funky Gibbon" and "The Inbetweenies.”

Music was a big part of The Goodies, along with the humour. The short and hairy Goodie, Bill Oddie, was the musical one – a raspy-voiced singer, and a man who knew his way around a good pop song. Goodies' songs were funny, often funky in a '70s sort of way, and full of wild ideas. A version of "All Things Bright And Beautiful,” the old Anglican hymn, released as a single in 1973, was transported with a whomping beat and fuzz guitar. It sounded not unlike Sister Janet Mead on the smokes and backed by the Glitter Band. 

While there was plenty of music in the show, it was often just snippets. Full-length versions of songs from the show, plus a bunch more, were included in the four albums the Goodies released from 1974 to 1978. Featuring a range of session musicians, including at different times British drum legend Clem Cattini and guitarist Chris Spedding (slotting in nicely next to his work with the Wombles!), the albums quickly disappeared, but a compilation called Funky Gibbon: The Best of The Goodies is currently available.

You can stream Funky Gibbon: The Best of The Goodies below. In the meantime, check out a handful of our fave Goodies tunes here!

The Goodies Theme  

Everyone knows this one. A pacey romp that set the pace every episode.

"Ride My Pony"  

A funky little number from their first album The Goodies Sing Songs From The Goodies, which was rereleased only a year or so later as The World of the Goodies, as part of Decca's extensive World Of... series.

"The Inbetweenies" 

A fabulous little pop song, obviously aimed at a particularly young audience, this was actually the Goodies' second single, released between the first two albums and included on neither.  

"Black Pudding Bertha (The Queen of Northern Soul)" 

Thematically tied to both the iconic "Ecky-Thump" episode of The Goodies (which involved a new form of martial arts that involved the brandishing of black puddings, and which – legend has it – caused a viewer to die from laughter when first screened) and the thriving soul dance scene in the Northern part of England, this bizarre track reached #19 on the UK singles chart. It didn't appear on an album.

"The Funky Gibbon" 

A Top 5 UK hit in '74, this actually made the US Top 100 as well. From their second album, The New Goodies LP, which was their most successful album, peaking at #25 in the UK.

"Wild Thing" 

A fabulously faux raunch-rock version of this classic, which somehow seems so perfect for them. Also from The New Goodies Album.

"Working the Line" 

Another favourite from The New Goodies Album, this originally featured in the much-loved Bun Fight At The OK Tea Rooms episode.

"Taking You Back" 

Bill Oddie created this psychedelic opus, which he'd probably been dreaming about making since 1967, for the much-loved "Camelot" episode, and it appeared on the first album. A great track, especially when he piles everything on at the end. Beat that Tame Impala!


And more great '60s-style psychedelic pop. Sounds like Tim on vocals! Another one from The New Goodies Album.

"All Things Bright and Beautiful" 

The glamtacular track mentioned above. Their first single, from '73 and a highlight of their first album The Goodies Sing Songs From the Goodies.

"Run" – Spiderbait 

We can't find the Goodies' version of this on YouTube, but this, the single from Spiderbait's 1993 debut Shashavaglava is, of course, a Goodies cover, and the film clip is a nice tribute with which to end. Enjoy.

Listen to Funky Gibbon: The Best of The Goodieswhich includes other favourites like “Nappy Love” and “Good Ole Country Music” on Spotify: