Flashback To Talking Heads Reunited At A Tom Tom Club Show For One Last Time In 1989

Flashback To Talking Heads Reunited At A Tom Tom Club Show For One Last Time In 1989

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Talking Heads’ 1984, Speaking in Tongues tour – which was meticulously documented in the concert film, Stop Making Sense – was nothing short of a triumph; and, though no one knew at the time (except maybe David Byrne), it was also their last. In 1985, the band took that kinetic energy into the studio to record Little Creatures – home to one of their biggest singles, “Road to Nowhere" – which they followed up with 1986’s True Stories and 1988’s Naked. But none of these releases were supported with a tour. 

As the decade marched on, Drummer, Chris Frantz and bassist, Tina Weymouth’s focus shifted more towards the vivacious Tom Tom Club, a band they formed as a side project back in 1981; while singer, David Byrne had begun to forge his own wildly creative solo career. In 1991, Talking Heads’ officially parted ways, seven years after their final tour – devastating news for any Talking Heads fans who’d missed them all those years ago! Except the lucky few who happened to be in the audience of a Tom Tom Club show when the band would make an unscheduled final appearance.

Tom Tom Club was performing at New York City’s Ritz on July 17th, 1989, in support of their album, Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom. David Byrne and Talking Heads' guitarist, Jerry Harrison surprised the lucky attendees when they joined Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz for an extraordinary surprise cameo, performing a handful of Talking Heads' best-loved tracks to the unsuspecting crowd. 

Tina Weymouth introduced their seminal 1977 single, “Psycho Killer.” saying, “We wrote this together before we ever had a band when we were art students,” before launching into the iconic bass line.

With the exception of their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 2002 – where they played “Life During Wartime”, “Psycho Killer” and “Burning Down the House” – this 1989 performance is the last ever time Talking Heads would take the stage together. It’s no doubt a memory that every person in that room will cherish forever!

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