What's The Future Of Our Nation

What's The Future Of Our Nation

masters apprentices
(Photo: YouTube)

One of the early heavy rock bands in Oz, Masters Apprentices, formed in 1965 in Adelaide, fronted by the late great Jim Keays.  

Their popular singles included "Undecided", "Living in a Child's Dream", "5:10 Man", "Think About Tomorrow Today", "Turn Up Your Radio" and "Because I Love You". The Masters also launched the career of bass guitarist Glenn Wheatley, who later became an artist talent manager for both Little River Band and John Farnham.

After an attempt to crack the UK, they split in 1972, reforming periodically from 1987–1988 when they were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 1998 alongside The Angels. 

The song that springs to mind, given the political overkill swamping our media for the past few weeks, is "Future Of Our Nation" from 1971's Nickolodean album, and we reckon it's worth going back to for a listen. 

If you love The Masters, you'll love our Glory Days Of Aussie Pub Rock playlist on Spotify, chock full of more great Aussie bands. 

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