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I Like: Skyhooks


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Skyhooks broke all the rules back in the mid-'70s, and all the records.They helped make Mushroom Records, Molly Meldrum and Countdown the institutions they became and their legacy endures.

Here they are on the first-ever colour episode of Countdown in 1975, presented by John Farnham...

Formed in Melbourne in 1973 by mainstays Greg Macainsh on bass guitar and backing vocals, and Imants "Freddie" Strauks on drums, soon joined by Bob "Bongo" Starkie on guitar and backing vocals, and Red Symons on guitar, vocals and keyboards; Graeme "Shirley" Strachan became lead vocalist in March 1974. Described as a glam rock band, because of flamboyant costumes and make-up, Skyhooks addressed teenage issues including buying drugs, suburban sex, the gay scene and loss of girlfriends by namechecking Australian locales. According to music historian, Ian McFarlane "they made an enormous impact on Australian social life".

The debut album, Living In The 70s, spent 16 weeks at the top of the Australian album charts from late February 1975, and became the highest-selling album by an Australian act in Australia until that time, with sales of 240,000. In October 2010, it was listed at No. 9 in the book 100 Best Australian Albums.

Here's 20 Skyhooks tracks you should play loud...

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