Iggy Pop Salutes 2020 With New Song “Dirty Little Virus”

Iggy Pop Salutes 2020 With New Song “Dirty Little Virus”

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Iggy Pop. Photo by Naomi Rahim/WireImage/Getty Images. 

Iggy Pop has channelled his reflections on the travesty of 2020 into a new anthem – “Dirty Little Virus.”

It's a brooding punk rocker with a psychedelic brass section, all led by Pop’s signature snarl as he reports the events of the year that’s been. The singer explained in a YouTube video that he was inspired to write “a direct lyric, not something too emotional or deep, more like journalism: ‘who, what, when where?’ I left out the ‘why’ because that gets too complex, but I put in how I felt about it.”

He added: “It’s been the big thing happening in my life – and everybody else’s, I reckon – for almost a year now. If there was still a man of the year, it’d be the virus.”

If you hadn't lived through 2020 you'd swear he's lost his mind – instead, it's a fairly faithful summary with a central theme we can all get behind. Listen to “Dirty Little Virus” via Bandcamp and watch the YouTube explainer video below.

“Dirty Little Virus” - Who, What, When, Where.

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