Inner City Sounds

Inner City Sounds


Fans of Australian punk, post-punk, new wave etc should check out our Inner City Sounds playlist, which takes its name from the iconic book by ILYOS’s pal, the great Clinton Walker.

Featuring the likes of the Boys Next Door, The Saints, Radio Birdman, Laughing Clowns, pel mel, the Go Betweens, the Triffids, Died Pretty, the Apartments, Models, Celibate Rifles and more, it covers the late 70s and the first half or so of the ‘80s - a completely Golden Period for Australian alternative music.

These are local sounds you would’ve heard if you were tuned into Double/Triple J, 3RRR, 4ZZZ etc back in the day. We’ll be updating this on a regular basis so make sure you follow the playlist. Enjoy! 

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