Jimmy Page - The Mastermind Behind Led Zeppelin?

Jimmy Page - The Mastermind Behind Led Zeppelin?

jimmy page interview
(Photo: YouTube)

"We all knew instinctively by that point that we'd never felt anything like that before" 

Jimmy Page discusses in great depth the formation of Led Zeppelin and the speed at which they rehearsed, toured and recorded their first album.

In this fantastic interview, the great Led Zep guitarist and songwriter shares his thought process behind the songs on the first album - he'd noticed that FM radio in the US had started to play rock albums in full (or at least full sides of records), so he ensured a succinct flow between songs to ensure those stations would want to play Led Zeppelin and help build their fan base. Mastermind? Yes, indeed.

Enjoy this incredible insight into one of the most influential rock bands of all time, in the words of their founding member, Jimmy Page.

And now that your much better informed on the genius of Page, get stuck into our I Like: Led Zeppelin playlist on Spotify - turn it up! 

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