John Williamson Is Celebrating 50 Years Of Music With A Career-Spanning Box Set

John Williamson Is Celebrating 50 Years Of Music With A Career-Spanning Box Set

Posted 19 Jun 2020
john williamson
(John Williamson)

Iconic Australian singer/songwriter, John Williamson is celebrating an incredible 50 years of music! It’s safe to say that, when the Mallee farmer first wandered into Richmond’s GTV9 studios in 1970 with a guitar under his arm, even he couldn’t have predicted the 50-year career that lay ahead of him. Today he is marking the golden milestone with the release of his personally curated collection JW 50 - Winding Back 1970-2020, which is out now.

Williamson has carved his career with an expert ability to capture classic Australian stories in songs that encapsulate the unique beauty, wonder and sometimes heartbreak of life Down Under. The limited-edition box set features inclusions from his decades worth of award-winning albums such as 1987’s "Mallee Boy", 1989’s "Boomerang Café", 2012’s "The Big Red" and 2018’s "Butcherbird," alongside a timely new single called "Those Fifty Years."

John Williamson | "Those Fifty Years"

“Putting together this collection gave me a chance to take stock of what I’ve achieved during my career,” John says. “Like I say in the song, ‘There’s been laughter and there’s been tears’ – which I’m sure most people can relate to when reminiscing on their life’s journey.”

Winding Back also coincides with the 50th anniversary of the release of Williamson’s iconic "Old Man Emu" which he is celebrating with a brand new lyric video featuring a time-lapse visual of John drawing the famous Old Man Emu sketch. Watch below.

John Williamson | "Old Man Emu" [Lyric Video]

“It’s hard to believe it’s 50 years since the first time I heard “Old Man Emu” on the radio while feeding the pigs,” John says. “Winding Back is a summary of my career. It’s a pretty remarkable innings and I’m thankful for the support I’ve received since those early days.”


The JW 50 - Winding Back 1970-2020 ornate boxed set includes sleeved artworks for all 25 mini CDs designed by John himself. The images include acrylics depicting outback landscapes and humorous sketches based on song lyrics and Aussie minutiae, all captured with his trademark eye for detail. Order the limited-edition JW 50 - Winding Back 1970-2020 box set here. 

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