Let's Do The Time Warp! The '50s (& Early '60s) Revival in the '70s!

Let's Do The Time Warp! The '50s (& Early '60s) Revival in the '70s!


What could be more Seventies than the Fifties (& Early Sixties) hey?

American Graffiti and Happy Days. Sha Na Na and Ol' 55. Grease. The Wanderers. Everybody wanted to be Fonzie or Richie Cunningham. And there was so much great music too, as everyone from glam rockers to punk rockers got in on the act along with the die-hard ‘50s revivalists.

Check out some of the artists on this great new ILYOS playlist – Ol’55, Dave Edmunds, Wizzard, Cheap Trick, Ramones, Elton John, The Sweet, Daddy Cool, Hush, Blondie, Robert Gordon, Bruce Springsteen, Shakin’ Stevens, Sha Na Na, Sports, Brownsville Station, Suzi Quatro, the Coloured Balls and the Stray Cats… and classic tunes like ‘Looking For an Echo’, ‘I Knew The Bride’, ‘See My Baby Jive’, ‘Smokin’ in the Boys Room’, ‘Theme From Happy Days’, ‘You’re The One That I Want’, ‘Crocodile Rock’, ‘The Wild One’, ‘Runaway Boys’, ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’, ‘This Ole House’ and ‘Eagle Rock’. And of course ‘Do The Swim’ and our title track, both from Rocky Horror, which of course started off as a pastiche of ‘50s horror and Sci-fi.

Dig it, and stay tuned for more rock’n’roll!  


- DL

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