Lindsey Buckingham “Evokes” Fleetwood Mac in New Song New Song “On The Wrong Side”

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Lindsey Buckingham “Evokes” Fleetwood Mac in New Song New Song “On The Wrong Side”

lindsey buckingham
Lindsey Buckingham. Photo by Chris McKay/WireImage/Getty Images. 

Lindsey Buckingham has shared a brand new single called “On The Wrong Side” from his forthcoming self-titled solo album, arriving in September. Pre-order, here. 

The former Fleetwood Mac guitarist announced the release last month with the album’s first single, “I Don’t Mind” (listen here). It’s his first solo album in a decade, following 2011’s Seeds We Sow, and his seventh studio album altogether. 

In a statement, Buckingham likened his new single to the 1977 Fleetwood Mac classic, “Go Your Own Way” saying: “'On the Wrong Side' is about the peaks and valleys of life on the road with Fleetwood Mac. The song evokes ‘Go Your own Way’ in that it’s not a happy song, subject-matter wise, but it was an ebullient song musically. This was sort of the same idea."

Listen to "On The Wrong Side" below:

Lindsey Buckingham | “On The Wrong Side” 

Explaining his intention for the LP, Buckingham said: “I wanted to make a pop album, but I also wanted to make stops along the way with songs that resemble art more than pop.”

“As you age, hopefully, you keep getting a little more grounded in the craft of what you’re doing. For me, getting older has probably helped to reinforce the innocence and the idealism that hopefully was always there.”

Lindsey Buckingham will be released on vinyl, CD and all digital and streaming services on September 17th. Pre-order, here. 


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