Listen to Iggy Pop Cover Elvis Costello’s “No Flag” in French

Listen to Iggy Pop Cover Elvis Costello’s “No Flag” in French

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L: Iggy Pop. Photo by Ian Dickson/Redferns/Getty Images. R: Photo by Gus Stewart/Redferns/Getty Images. 

Punk legend, Iggy Pop has shared a  French cover of Elvis Costello’s “No Flag,” from his album Hey Clockface that came out this year. Pop’s en Franais rendition of the track arrived with a beautiful hand-drawn animated music video by Arlo McFurlow and Eamon Singer.  Watch below.

Elvis Costello avec Iggy Pop | “No Flag“ (en Franais)

The two music icons recently via Zoom, reminiscing about the past and revealing future plans for Rolling Stone.

Costello told Pop that he was in fact an unlikely influence on “No Flag” which was one of the first songs recorded for Hey Clockface: “It shared one word and one letter with a famous song of yours [“No Fun”],” he said, “but nobody spotted where it was drawing from, because nobody expects me to take a cue from you.”

Pop responding, describing Costello’s influence on his own sound: “When I heard your music, I felt like you were the only thing coming out of the U.K. that wasn’t going along with the I’m-a-monster-with a-guitar-riff thing. The whole guitar riffage was going up and up and up. You were either that or, no offense to her, you were [Scottish singer] Lulu.”

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