Metallica is Teaching a Masterclass in Rock

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Metallica is Teaching a Masterclass in Rock

Posted 29 Oct 2021
Metallica. Photo by Jason Merritt/FilmMagic/Getty Images. 

“Here’s something you never thought you would hear us say… we’re teachers!”

That’s right. Metallica has partnered with Masterclass – the first ‘rock’ instructors to join the site’s growing list of celeb teachers – to teach fans how to graduate from opening band to stadium-sized rock gods in a class simply titled, Being in a Band. 

And it’s fair to say, they’re more than qualified! The heavy metal pros celebrate 40 years of being in a band together this year and, since the early 80s, have sold over 120 million albums, released one of the best-selling albums of all time (the Black Album), won nine Grammy Awards, have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and continue to sell out stadiums around the world. While it has always been smooth sailing for the metal legends – anyone remember Some Kind of Monster? – knowing how to navigate the bad times as well as the good is surely what makes them qualified masters. 

"We have sustained our bond for more than 40 years because we've learned a lot about each other and ourselves over time," James Hetfield said in a statement. "In our class we not only teach MasterClass members how we write songs and find inspiration for our music, but how the experiences we've had together have contributed to successful creative collaboration."

Check out the trailer below. 

Metallica Teaches Being a Band [Official Trailer]

According to an official description, in the course now available via MasterClass, Metallica will walk viewers through “how to be effective communicators, manage criticism, and embrace different personalities in our bandmates” as well as show “techniques for songwriting” with deconstructive analysis of some of their biggest hits, including Enter Sandman, Master of Puppets and One. 

Additionally, the Being in a Band masterclass features practical advice, such as how to connect with fans and cultivate lifelong relationships in the music industry.

Subscriptions to the class will set you back about $15 per month, so, if you’ve been thinking about starting a band, or want to learn how to get the one you already have to the grand heights of Metallica, this could be a very lucrative investment! 

You can learn more about Being in A Band and check out the lesson plan via Masterclass.

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