Painting by David Bowie Bought for $4 Sells at Auction for Over $110,000

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Painting by David Bowie Bought for $4 Sells at Auction for Over $110,000

Posted 30 Jun 2021
david bowie
David Bowie. Photo by Dave Hogan/Hulton Archive/Getty Images.

A painting by David Bowie himself was recently discovered at a Canadian second-hand store and purchased for about $4 AUD, before going on to sell for over $110,000 (CAD$108,120) at an auction house on Friday.

The computer and acrylic collage is part of the so-called D Head series of 47 paintings by Bowie of himself, friends and others created between 1995 and 1997. The 9.75 x 8inch canvas is signed and dated by Bowie, with its title, DHead XLVI, also featured on the back of the artwork, according to Cowley Abbott’s catalogue.

The sale price smashed through Cowley Abbot's estimated $7,000 to $10,000 valuation of the artwork, almost instantly. Ultimately, it sold to an American collector out of a dozen bidders.


The piece was picked up for approximately CAD$5 last year at a donation centre in Ontario, Canada, auctioneer Rob Cowley told CNN prior to the auction.

Bowie specialist Andy Peters who authenticated the painting said, “When I first saw the painting, I knew what it was straightaway,” Peters said. “I did not need to see the autograph on the back because I knew, but obviously the signature sealed the deal.”

“We were very excited to discover that the artwork was original and authentic,” Cowley added.

Even more excited was the unidentified seller, who Cowley described as "delighted and shocked" at the incredible sale price.


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