Rage Against The Machine’s Evil Empire at 25

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Rage Against The Machine’s Evil Empire at 25

Posted 21 Apr 2021
rage against the machine
Rage Against the Machine, 1996. Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images.

Fans may have waited four years for a follow-up to Rage Against The Machine’s self-titled debut, but Evil Empire did not disappoint! We’re taking a look back at the revolutionary rap-rock record on its 25th anniversary. 


evil empire


Rage Against The Machine’s sophomore effort, Evil Empire, debuted at #1 when it was first released 25 years ago this month in 1996.  

A few years earlier, their 1992 self-titled breakthrough debut LP exploded with the politically charged singles, “Killing in the Name” and “Freedom,” arriving on the commercial airwaves like they were ready for battle. And, after three years of relentless touring in support of the smash debut, the band wasted no time hitting the studio to record a follow up worthy of their entrance. 

Upon completion of the album, guitarist, Tom Morello would tell MTV: "I'd say that this record, like the last one, is a real testament to the band's chemistry. It's just the way the four of us play together that makes it pretty seamless, and that's where we're lucky."

Perhaps what made that chemistry so potent was their commitment to the message beyond the song; the Evil Empire album even came with its own reading list in the liner notes – featuring authors like George Orwell, Abbie Hoffman, Toni Morrison, William Powell and Norman Mailer among others – which singer Zack de la Rocha recommended for a reminder that “direct participation in events right now can affect history."

And the first single released from the album, “Bulls on Parade” made you feel like doing just that. 

Rage Against The Machine | “Bulls On Parade”

Both “Bulls on Parade” and third single, “People of the Sun” earned Grammy nominations for Best Hard Rock Performance, while second single “Tire Me” took home a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance. 

Rage Against The Machine | “People of the Sun”

With Tom Morello’s masterful wah-scratch wizardry and de la Rocha’s razor-sharp words, Rage Against Machine’s revolutionary rap-metal LP Evil Empire cemented their place as one of the most important bands of the era – turn it up! 

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