Raw Power: Van Halen

Raw Power: Van Halen


"The ‘80s are here and I’m the air-conditioned pioneer" – Dave Roth (aka David Lee Dave) talks to LA’s Raw Power magazine, 1977.

We at ILYOS just had the good fortune to make the acquaintance of Scott Stephens, professional rock’n’roller and former pro-roller derby skater! In his teens in ‘70s LA, Scott published an underground magazine called Raw Power that covered the local, national and international Hard Rock and Punk scenes.

You can visit Scott’s site to read three great issues of Raw Power (and to hear his bands Electric Warrior and Liquid Blue), and check out below a fantastic and hilarious early Van Halen piece from Raw Power Issue #4. Apologies it is a bit tricky to read...

And of course, if you need some sounds, check out and follow our I Like: Van Halen playlist on Spotify too!

- DL

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