Remembering Joy Division’s Electrifying 'She’s Lost Control' Live in 1979

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Remembering Joy Division’s Electrifying 'She’s Lost Control' Live in 1979

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Joy Division. Photo by Rob Verhorst/Redferns/Getty Images.

When Factory Records’ leading man, Tony Wilson, picked Joy Division out of the Manchester music scene to perform on Granada Reports in 1978, he provided them with a wealth of exposure that a relatively new band could have only dreamt of; and for many fans, their first glimpse of the group destined to be an everlasting influence. The band’s stark and industrial sound, paired with Ian Curtis’ sombre lyrics, broke through the public consciousness, branding the Manchester sound in the process. 

In 1979, they returned with a commanding performance of  She’s Lost Control that was, arguably, the band’s most impactful TV moment. Their seminal album Unknown Pleasures had been released just weeks prior, with an expression and message that resonated across audiences locally and beyond – announcing the arrival of New Wave, of which Joy Division at the helm. Watch below!

Joy Division | 'She's Lost Control' [Live 1979]

In four short years, Joy Division mastered every moment to build a lasting legacy, resolutely bleak but utterly compelling. Bringing mournful and dark themes to the forefront, the band’s melancholy, post-punk sound paved the way for everyone from The Cure to Nine Inch Nails. Despite their relatively short career, cut short by the tragic suicide of lead singer Ian Curtis in 1980, Joy Division remains one of the most influential bands Britain has ever seen.

Still is a compilation album first released in 1981 after the death of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis. Their two previous albums had already cemented the Manchester’s band’s iconic status in music history and ‘Still’ filled in gaps. It featured previously unreleased studio material, two non-album tracks ‘Dead Souls’ and ‘Glass’ and a live recording of Joy Division’s last ever concert, at Birmingham University.  The show included the only live performance of ‘Ceremony’ by the band, who later morphed into New Order and released it as a single.


'Still' 40th Anniversay Vinyl.

Celebrating 40 years since its original release, this special vinyl version of Still is a limited edition of 10,000 with a ruby red sleeve, pressed on crystal clear vinyl.


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