Remembering The Rolling Stones' Homage to Chuck Berry with 'Around & Around' Live in 1964

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Remembering The Rolling Stones' Homage to Chuck Berry with 'Around & Around' Live in 1964

rolling stones
The Rolling Stones. Photo by David Farrell/Getty Images.

The Rolling Stones exploded out of the 1960s music scene, embodying a new rebellious side of rock and roll that captured young fans' imaginations. They edged their way into the charts with a few hit covers before the songwriting partnership of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards – a burgeoning jewel in their armour – hit full bloom in 1965.

With their scruffy hair and mismatched outfits, the Stones fast became poster boys for (polite) anarchy – an ethos that was carried over to their sound which incorporated blues riffs and R&B influences to deliver a harder and edgier brand of rock and roll than their mop-topped peers. 

This frenetic energy is captured on a rare film of the band’s 1964 concert at Britain's ABC Cinema when the Stone’s whipped out a high-octane version of Chuck Berry’s 1958 single Around and Around – the original B-Side to Johnny B. Goode. Enjoy Below!  

The Rolling Stones | ‘Around and Around’ [ABC Cinema, 1964]

With hits like The Last Time and (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction in their future, the Stone’s weren’t far away from earning their own place in the annal of rock history forevermore, but, here in 1964, the baby faced icons' love of rock 'n roll shines as they pay homage to the genre's forefather, Chuck Berry.

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