Scientist Names New Spider Species After Members Of Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Def Leppard and Angra

Scientist Names New Spider Species After Members Of Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Def Leppard and Angra

bruce dickenson spider
L: Instituto Butantan R: Bruce Dickenson. Photo by Pete Still/Redferns.

Brazilian biologist and heavy metal fan, Christina Rheims, has named four newly discovered species of spiders after members of Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Scorpions and Angra. The new species, from the region of southern Mexico to Argentina, are between one and two centimetres long, nocturnal and pose no danger to humans. 

When it came to naming the new spiders, Rheims chose to honour her love of metal and give a shout out to Maiden's Bruce Dickinson (Extraordinarius bruceickinsoni), Def Leppard's Rick Allen (Extraordinarius rickalleni), Scorpions' Klaus Meine (Extraordinarius klausmeinei) and late Angra singer André Matos (Extraordinarius andrematosi).

Naming spider species is ruled by an international code of nomenclature, but part of the name is left to researchers’ creativity. The "Extraordinarius" genus is a brand-new classification of Rheims' creation.

“I’ve always wanted to honour Rick Allen because I think he’s an example,” Rheims said in an interview with Public Radio International. “You have a drummer that loses an arm, and he continues his career and he learns how to play with only one arm. So, he’s one of the Extraordinarius as well.”

Rick Allen celebrated the news on Twitter, exclaiming, "I am honored! Thank you, Christina Rheims! You rock!

While Iron Maiden frontman, Bruce Dickenson surely earnt the Extraordinarius title thanks to his extensive list of achievements. As well as fronting one of the all time greatest metal bands, Bruce has enjoyed success as an actor, author and pilot! The singer captained Iron Maiden's converted charter airplane, 'Ed Force One', during their world tours.

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