Someone Recreated 'Dancing In The Street' With Lego

Someone Recreated 'Dancing In The Street' With Lego

Posted 8 Feb 2019
bowie jagger lego
(Photo: YouTube)

This is sensational!

Someone on YouTube, listed as LOTW Studios (and after some further digging we discovered the guy's name is William Osborne), has completely recreated the 1985 hit song "Dancing In The Street" by David Bowie and Mick Jagger using LEGO.

This must have taken a really long time to make, film and edit - we are impressed! The likeness is uncanny, even from the intro with Mick swinging around the street light and the little LEGO legs running on the spot. Made us grin!

Watch for yourself...

Now watch the original to see just how spot-on this has been done...


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