Spandau Ballet’s Biggest Hits In Australia

Spandau Ballet’s Biggest Hits In Australia

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Spandau Ballet. Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images.

As well as being possibly the best dressed band of the 1980s, Spandau Ballet were also responsible for a string of hit singles throughout the decade, ranging from their early new wave tracks to the slick, soul-influenced pop of 1983’s True album to the pop/rock sound of their later releases. Like anywhere else in the world, Australia was not immune to the charms of the well turned out five-piece, who reached the ARIA top 30 eight times. 

8. "Chant No.1 (I Don’t Need This Pressure On)"

Released: 1981

Peak: #30

Eventually appearing on their second album, Diamond, this funk-influenced single with a prominent brass section showed a new side to the band and a more complex musical arrangement than previous singles like “Musclebound” and “The Freeze”. Two decades later, the distinctive riff from “Chant…” was sampled in UK chart-topping dance track “Touch Me” by Rui Da Silva featuring Cassandra.

7. "Communication"

Released: 1983

Peak: #24

Like previous single “Lifeline”, this was a sign of things to come from Spandau Ballet, with the band’s songwriter, Gary Kemp taking the band in a much more commercial direction. The poppy “Communication” came with a mini-action thriller music video, featuring Gary and singer Tony Hadley in starring roles.

6. "Fight For Ourselves"

Released: 1986

Peak: #16

Seems all their success in America had rubbed off on the band, with Spandau Ballet shifting sound yet again for a more arena rock-influenced feel on this lead single from fifth album Through The Barricades. “Fight For Ourselves” was the band’s final significant hit in Australia, with the album’s title track sneaking to number 50 and 1988’s “Raw”, the lead single of Heart Like A Sky, not even getting that far.

5. "Round And Round"

Released: 1984

Peak: #16

Released in 1984 as the follow-up to True, Spandau Ballet’s fourth album, Parade, saw them reunite with production duo Jolley & Swain for another batch of polished pop, like “Round And Round”. The fourth single from the album, it returned the band to the top 20 after chart disappointment “Highly Strung” (number 83) and featured one of multi-instrumentalist Steve Norman’s distinctive saxophone solos.

4. "To Cut A Long Story Short"

Released: 1980

Peak: #15

A synthpop classic, “To Cut A Long Story Short” was the band’s debut single and saw them reach the UK top 5 and Australian top 20 first time out of the gate. Like the rest of debut album Journeys To Glory, the song was produced by Landscape member Richard James Burgess and was a pivotal step in new romanticism becoming a mainstream movement.

3. "Only When You Leave"

Released: 1984

Peak: #12

Following up their worldwide success in 1983 was always going to be difficult, but Spandau Ballet rose to the occasion with this lead single from Parade, which maintained their radio friendly pop/soul sound. “Only When You Leave” would end up being the band’s final US hit, peaking at number 34.

2. "Gold"

Released: 1983

Peak: #9

In a decade filled with dramatic pop songs, “Gold” stands out as one of the most filmic songs of the ’80s. The James Bond theme-style track even featured Sadie Frost spray-painted gold in the exotic Spain-set music video in a nod to Goldfinger. A second consecutive top 10 hit for Spandau Ballet in Australia, “Gold” has lived on in the decades since as the perfect soundtrack for Olympic Games coverage.

1. "True"

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