Members Of Split Enz And Roxy Music Start New Band

Members Of Split Enz And Roxy Music Start New Band

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Split Enz, 1981 (Photo by Paul Natkin/Getty Images)

Split Enz keyboard player Eddie Rayner, fresh from his remix and remaster work on the forthcoming 40th-anniversary editions of Split Enz’s True Colours album, has just made a stunning announcement on his Facebook page. Eddie, together with fellow Enzers Tim Finn and Noel Crombie, have teamed up with Second Thoughts Enz producer and legendary Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera, in a new band.

Calling themselves Forenzics, the chaps have already recorded an album, and Eddie has posted a video of their first offering, entitled “Walking”. The video, which alas doesn’t feature Manzanera, reveals a bold and dramatic keyboard-based sound that sounds like it could have come out of the mid-late ‘70s. Other first impressions are that Tim’s vocal sounds, interestingly enough, rather Ferry-esque in the verses – the vocal hook is pure Tim Finn though -  and that the song features a repeated question that is rather prescient given these strange days – “Is  that what you meant when you said I should stay at home?”

Alas, there’s no crazy Crombie costumes or haircuts for the Enz boys, and assumedly Manzenera won’t be reviving those fly-eye glitter glasses he favoured for a while in his Roxy days, but there’s a suitably odd moment in the video around the half-way mark that shows they blessedly have come back still a little bit odd.

Check it all out on Eddie’s post here. We look forward to more news!

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