The Ridiculous Trio Play The Stooges!  

The Ridiculous Trio Play The Stooges!  

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Iggy Pop. Photo by Tom Copi/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images.

When the Stooges first appeared in the late ‘60s, a lot of people said they couldn’t play; or at least that what they were playing wasn’t music. If any of those people are reading this, we’d love you to have a listen to The Ridiculous Trio Play The Stooges! Due out in July on hip US label Modern Harmonic (a division of the great reissue company, Sundazed), the album is a collection of Stooges tunes, performed entirely on drums, trombone and tuba! 

"I Wanna Be Your Dog"  

The Ridiculous Trio are from Chicago, and, as a unit, seem to have devoted their entire existence to covering the Stooges. Indeed, they actually self-released the full ... Play The Stooges album in a limited fashion on CD-R in 2004, leading the much-loved garage-punk label Slovenly Records to release a number of the tracks across a couple of 45’s. This will be the first proper release of the album, and the first time the whole thing is released on vinyl.

But it’s not just a novelty thing. The band comprises of three musicians who are regulars on the Chicago avant-garde/free-music scene. Drummer, Shannon Morrow is a percussionist, improv-director and “deep listening teacher.” Tuba player, Rob Pleshar has worked with influential experimental composer Anthony Braxton and is a member of Black Bear Combo, who are inspired by Eastern European musical traditions. Trombonist, Mike Hagedorn has recorded with countless other improv/jazz/noise-rock projects, including Typewash, who have been billed as "The World's Only Trombone-led freak/metal band."

Reissued to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Stooges’ classic Funhouse album – the album on which they incorporated sax and a palpable free-jazz influence -– The Ridiculous Trio Play The Stooges takes the Stooges’ jazz and punk connections to crazy new extremes. Trombonist Hagedorn explains his part in it: “With Iggy's tenor voice and my instrument being in the tenor range, I knew our timbres would match. Iggy approached his voice with a lot of patience and space, but used a full, aggressive sound that had plenty of nuance, and that's what I wanted to replicate in the trio... Sometimes I'd go between playing the lead guitar part to the vocal, switching back and forth as needed.”

Check out a couple more tracks below, after you have a look at the album’s track-listing, which interestingly spans pretty much the Stooges’ entire original existence, and includes a version of the rare post-Raw Power track ”She Creatures of the Hollywood Hills.”

The Ridiculous Trio Play The Stooges 

No Fun

Down On The Street

T.V. Eye

Scene Of The Crime / Death Trip


She Creatures Of The Hollywood Hills

I Wanna Be Your Dog

Not Right

We Will Fall


"Down On the Street"  

"No Fun"

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