The Stranglers' Rattus Norvegicus Turns 40

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The Stranglers' Rattus Norvegicus Turns 40

Posted 26 May 2017

Yes we're late to the party on this one, but hey – April 15, 2017, was the 40th anniversary of the original UK release of the classic first album by the Stranglers, Rattus Norvegicus. One of the best-selling of the original punk-era albums.

Although it hardly sounds like stereotypical punk (the diversity of sounds was one of the charms of the early punk stuff) - it featured classic tracks like "(Get A) Grip (On Yourself)" and "Peaches", which surprisingly reached #32 in Australia in January 1978.

Check out "Peaches" below, and we've got "(Get A) Grip (On Yourself)" as well as a couple more from the Stranglers on our Shake Some Action: Punk & New Wave Classics from the 70s and early ‘80s playlist on Spotify. Or listen to the whole album now on Spotify.

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