Twin Peaks Is Returning To TV Screens This Month

Twin Peaks Is Returning To TV Screens This Month

Posted 17 May 2017

Twin Peaks, one of the most iconic TV series of the ‘90s, is returning to TV screens this month in all its cryptic, subversive gothic glory. While director David Lynch (Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet, Lost Highway) has yet to reveal anything about the new series, which we expect will see FBI agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) back dealing with the idiosyncratic folk of the fictional Washington town of Twin Peaks, we can be sure it will be a mind-twisting conundrum to match the original two seasons in 1990 and 1991.

Away from the surrealism of Lynch’s visuals, it’s hard to think about Twin Peaks without discussing the songs. A decade before Grey’s Anatomy and Dawson’s Creek syncs saw their soundtrack inclusions hit the top of the charts, the Twin Peaks soundtrack had a runaway success with Julee Cruise’s song "Falling". With its minimalist bass, synths and whispered vocals, it was a haunting accompaniment to the show’s murderous mystique. While many fans remember "Falling" peaking at number one on the ARIA Singles Chart back in 1991, a lesser known fact is that David Lynch personally wrote the lyrics for the hit. Ever the iconoclast, Lynch worked closely with composer Angelo Badalamenti on the soundtrack which features elements of ambience, deranged jazz and quieter moments as beautiful and haunted as Laura Palmer’s high school yearbook photo.

Revisiting the soundtrack more than 25 years later, as well as its companion release Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, it’s a haunting trip down memory lane which will appropriately get you in the mood ahead of the new Twin Peaks premiering on Stan from Monday May 22. The original soundtracks are being re-issued on both CD and 180-gram vinyl (wrapped in plastic?) from May 19, so sit down with some cherry pie and get spooked once again…

Find out more and view tracklisting here.

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