Vale Bassman Wayne Duncan Of Daddy Cool

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Vale Bassman Wayne Duncan Of Daddy Cool

Posted 19 Dec 2016

We’re a bit late with this and I’m sure most of you have already heard the sad news, but Wayne Duncan, Daddy Cool’s wonderful bass player and one of the greatest Aussie rock’n’rollers, passed away on Dec 3 at the age of 72 after a short illness. His passing follows that of DC guitarist Ross Hannaford in March.

Both Wayne and Ross were institutions on the scene in Melbourne. Apart from playing together in one of Australia’s most loved bands in the early ‘70s (and its immediate predecessor, Sons of The Vegetal Mother) , they’d both spent the decades since working the local roots scene – Ross with the likes of Mark Gillespie in the '80s, Renee Geyer and any number of reggae related projects, including two long-standing bands of his own Lucky Dog and Diana Kiss; and Wayne with R&B outfit The Hornets and often in partnership with his old mate from Daddy Cool and even further back, drummer Gary Young.  Both had deep roots going back to the ‘60s: Ross with the other Ross, Ross Wilson, in the Pink Finks and the Party Machine, and Wayne (together with Gary) with Bobby & Laurie, the Rondells, the Laurie Allen Review and others.

As countless Facebook posts attest, Wayne had a huge influence on a generation of players, and was one of the sweetest guys to ever plug into an amp. He was much loved and will be much missed.

Let’s check out a few Daddy Cool classics while we say farewell to one, and give belated acknowledgment to the passing of another, of Australian rock’n’roll’s greatest characters, Wayne Duncan and Ross Hannaford.

"Hi Honey Ho" from Daddy Cool’s last show, November 19th at 170 Russell, Melbourne, when they were inducted into The Age Music Victoria Hall of Fame:

The same song from Daddy Cool - A Film by Bob Weis, from 1972:

...and of course the wonderful original film clip for ‘Eagle Rock’, with Wayne taking a break from flipping burgers behind the counter and Ross in his propeller cap:

- DL

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