Watch a Trailer for Upcoming Sheryl Crow Documentary

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Watch a Trailer for Upcoming Sheryl Crow Documentary

Posted 14 Mar 2022
sheryl crow
Sheryl Crow. Photo by Gie Knaeps/Getty Images.

Singer-songwriter superstar, Sheryl Crow is the subject of an upcoming documentary that will debut on Showtime on May 6.

Sheryl, directed by Amy Scott, will chronicle Crow's meteoric rise to fame, professional hurdles she faced along the way and her more recent battle with breast cancer. 

The film will feature both archival live footage and interviews with Crow’s closest friends and collaborators, including Keith Richards, actress Laura Dern, EaglesJoe Walsh, Emmylou Harris and Brandi Carlile.

A description on YouTube describes the upcoming film is described, “An intimate story of song and sacrifice—musically gifted superstar Sheryl Crow navigates an iconic yet arduous musical career battling sexism, ageism, depression, cancer, and the price of fame, before harnessing the power of her gift.”

You can watch the trailer below.

‘Sheryl’ [Official Trailer’

“I am excited for the premiere of my documentary,” Crow said in a press release. “I hope people will find strength and courage through my story. It was a journey through years and years of incredible memories, and I am proud of the beautiful documentary that Amy Scott made about my life.”

"Not everything in your life is going to be mapped out for you," Crow says in the film's trailer. "There are going to be things that happen that you wouldn't be able to dream about."


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