Watch Acoustic Guitarists Epic Led Zeppelin Cover, “Kashmir”

Watch Acoustic Guitarists Epic Led Zeppelin Cover, “Kashmir”

marcin, jimmy page
L: Marcin via Instagram. R: Jimmy Page. Photo by Mick Gold/Redferns/Getty Images. 

A 20-year-old Polish guitar prodigy, Marcin has lit up the internet with an epic acoustic cover of the 1975 Led Zeppelin classic, “Kashmir.”

The post has been shared by music legends like Tom Morello, who wrote: “Some people are just really talented” and Paul Stanley, who simply tweeted “WOW!” in astonishment. 

Marcin's unique technique involves using the acoustic guitar as a drum kit while also shredding the stings, playing the rhythm, double-tap solos and all – it’s truly incredible. He performed "Kashmir" in an underground car park, adding to the drama with echo and reverb.  Watch below. 


A post shared by Marcin (

The guitar prodigy already has a following in his native country, Poland after winning a TV talent show in 2015, followed by an impressive run on America's Got Talent in 2019. He's previously covered everything from Metallica to Dr Dre – see more on his YouTube channel, here. Check out the celebrity endorsements below! 


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