Watch Alice Cooper, Steven Tyler & Brian May in an Epic Wayne’s World Reunion

Watch Alice Cooper, Steven Tyler & Brian May in an Epic Wayne’s World Reunion

alice cooper waynes world
Alice Cooper in Wayne's World (via YouTube). 

One upside to 2020? Celebrities having the time to do things they usually wouldn't have time for, like this epic Wayne's World reunion that brought together almost every actor and rockstar that appeared in the rock-comedy classic, to re-visit the film's many iconic scenes decades on.

Iconic rockers, Alice Cooper, Steven Tyler and Brian May all recently joined Mike Myers and Dana Carvey – aka Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar – et al. in a virtual Zoom reunion, instigated by actor, Josh Gad for his ongoing Reunited Apart series.

Among the many highlights, Gad’s show opened with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry revisiting the legendary “Wayne’s World” sketch from Saturday Night Live in which Aerosmith were interviewed on Wayne and Garth’s fictitious cable TV show.

After calling in many of the show’s other main actors, including Rob Lowe and Tia Carerre who played Cassanadra, Gad introduces Alice Cooper to the packed Zoom call (around 21 minutes in), to re-enact the famous “We’re not worthy!” scene, revealing after that it still hadn’t gone to his head: “I think they probably couldn’t get the Stones or the Beatles… I was the only one left.”

Around 30 mins in, Queen’s Brian May and Roger Taylor join the (now packed) virtual reunion reflect on soundtracking one of the most iconic scenes in film history when Wayne, Garth and their friends headbang to their anthem “Bohemian Rhapsody.” The party takes more serious tone when May credits the film for reigniting Queen's fan base in America and reveals that Freddie Mercury was a fan, saying: “I took [a VHS tape of the scene] ’round to Freddie not long before he went and showed it to him, because you said you wanted to have the approval. He loved it, he just laughed and laughed.”

Watch Wayne's World Reunited Apart below.

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