Watch Chris Cornell Sing "Crawling" With Linkin Park

Watch Chris Cornell Sing "Crawling" With Linkin Park

Posted 8 Aug 2019
chris cornell linkin park
(Photo: YouTube)

At Projekt Revolution in the town of Charlotte, USA, on July 30th, 2008, magic happened when Soundgarden's Chris Cornell joined Linkin Park on stage for their hit song "Crawling". 

Mike starts with a rap intro before Chester starts the track with his powerful screams - lyrically heartbreaking considering we now know the pain he felt was more than real. For the second verse, the band are joined by one of the greatest rock vocalist of all time, Chris Cornell, who stays with them until the end of the song.

It is nothing but completely and utterly devastating knowing that we now live in a world without these two artists. Two friends, incredibly talented men, both of whom took their own lives. It's just incomprehensible. We thank them for the powerful music they left us. 

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