Watch David Crosby Tackle The Big Questions In New ‘Ask Croz’ Video Series

Watch David Crosby Tackle The Big Questions In New ‘Ask Croz’ Video Series

david crosby
David Crosby. Photo by Paul Marotta/Getty Images. 

David Crosby may not be, as he self-confesses, “a paradigm of virtue”, but in his new Ask Croz video series (via Rolling Stone) he proves that with age indeed comes wisdom. The CSNY founding member shies away from nothing, tackling the big questions, from divorce, internet addiction and everything in between. 

He kicks off by taking on the biggest question head-on, responding to a reader who openly finds the whole idea of this franchise to be set on shaky foundations: “Why would I want life advice from a guy who has so famously screwed up his own life,” asks the reader, “and admits it every time he talks?” Crosby feels that the reader has missed the point, and explains why ever so elegantly. Watch below:

“I don’t think they [Rolling Stone] were looking at me as being a paradigm of virtue,” Crosby says. “I think they thought it was kind of funny for somebody with as checkered a history as I have to be giving advice at all. I think it’s funny too. If you don’t like it, I think you should go out and have a beer.”

He also offers heartfelt advice to a woman 40 years into an unhappy marriage, meaningful motivations to a man trying to get his life back on track after being imprisoned for selling bongs, and a father who fears his teenage son is missing the best years of his life staring mindlessly into his phone. 

The pinnacle comes when a supposed look-alike, who has taken to signing autographs as 'David Crosby' and making restaurant reservations under his name asks Crosby for advice as to just how long he thinks he can keep up the game. Let’s just say, Crosby gives it to him straight!

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