Watch New Interviews With David Bowie’s Key Collaborators

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Watch New Interviews With David Bowie’s Key Collaborators

david bowie, 1969
David Bowie, 1969. Photo by RB/Redferns.

Last month, David Bowie fans were treated to a new boxset called David Bowie Conversation Piece which tracks the singer’s early development throughout 1968 and 1969, via his home demos, BBC radio sessions, studio recordings with guitarist John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson and more. 

As the perfect accompaniment to this comprehensive release, the David Bowie YouTube channel has shared a new series of interviews with Bowie’s key collaborators and peers from the late 1960s, offering unique insight into the legendary singer’s creative evolution throughout the era. Here’s a rundown on the latest additions but stay tuned – there’s more to come! 

Bowie TV: Tony Visconti on first meeting David Bowie

Record producer, Tony Visconti and David Bowie shared one of the greatest artist/producer partnerships in pop history. Tony recalls how he first met David Bowie, and what it was like to work with him in the studio during the 1970s, reflecting on how Bowie obsessed over popular culture and drew inspiration from the past and present to sculpt his sound: “He always, til the end of his days, always listened to what’s out there. He always did research.”

Bowie TV: John 'Hutch' Hutchinson on playing Space Oddity with David Bowie

Jazz guitarist, John 'Hutch' Hutchinson recorded an early demo of “Space Oddity” with David Bowie, in the style of a Simon and Garfunkel duet. Hutch recalls how, even for the era, the song’s chord progression always sounded like it came from time and place of its very own: “Even in the old days, they were a little bit unusual. He didn’t play by the rules as far as the construction of songs.” 

Bowie TV: Bob Harris on his friendship with David Bowie in the 1960s

BBC presenter, Bob Harris reminisces about his friendship with David Bowie during the late 1960s, at a time when both were perched on the starting blocks of their careers. Harris remembers introducing Bowie for an impromptu live performance of "Space Oddity" during one of his first-ever DJ sets. The crowd wasn’t particularly receptive to the (then) unknown young singer, but Harris wouldn’t stand for it. He recalls storming up to the stage: “red-faced and angry, saying, ‘What is wrong with you lot? This guy’s fantastic, he’s going to be a star. Mark my words – you will remember the night you booed David Bowie off stage.’” 

Safe to say, he was probably absolutely right about that!

The David Bowie Conversation Piece boxset is the perfect Christmas present for the David Bowie fan who has everything! The 5-disc set comes with a comprehensive, 120-page hardcover book featuring exclusive memorabilia from the personal collections of David’s former manager, photos by Ray Stevenson and more. Check it out here.

This year, we celebrate 50 years since the release of Bowie’s landmark 1969 album, Space Oddity. In honour of the anniversary, an updated version of the iconic LP, featuring brand new mixes by producer, Tony Visconti has been reissued. Check out Space Oddity (2019 mix) here

Fans who buy a copy of Space Oddity (2019 mix) on vinyl have a chance of finding one of the 2019 special numbered LPs that have been hidden amongst the release. Numbers 1 – 1969 are pressed on silver vinyl and numbers 1970 – 2019 on gold vinyl. These silver and gold pressings have been randomly mixed in with the black, un-numbered ones and scattered amongst distributors all over the world. 

If you’re lucky enough to find one of these highly collectable records, all you need to do is declare it on the specially created Space Oddity 2019 World Map for a chance to win an exclusive tote bag that can’t be purchased anywhere else. Head over to for more information!

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