Watch Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight” Featuring Eric Clapton

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Watch Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight” Featuring Eric Clapton

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If there’s one thing we all know about Phil Collins, it's that he created the most iconic drum fill of all time. Tell me your mind doesn’t automatically break into “de de-de de-de de…” at the mere mention of his name! 

But that’s certainly not all he has done. His exhaustive list of achievements places him second only to Paul McCartney in the realms of artists who have sold over 100 million records as BOTH principal band members and solo artists. 

The English drummer, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire reminds us why he not only dominated the airwaves for decades, but literally defined one in 4 bars. 

“In The Air Tonight” – Live with Eric Clapton (1986)

This video is a slice of pure 1980’s gold! Perched up high, Phil croons the melancholy love song down his state-of-the-art, wireless Madonna mic while Eric Clapton’s gloomy guitar wails in gentle accompaniment below. 

With the smoothness of a cat-burglar, Collins slips in behind the drum kit for that undeniable moment when everyone wants to be him, even if just for those 8 seconds. 

It’s a bold and emotionally ambiguous statement piece in which Phil Collins actually makes it look easy to hold down lead vocal while playing syncopated drum fills with your eyes closed. Respect. 

Phil Collins’ reissue of two classic remastered live albums are full of the same impressive treats. Serious Hits… Live! and A Hot Night In Paris

From 1990, Serious Hits… Live! boasts performances of many of his biggest hits, including – “In The Air Tonight”, “You Can’t Hurry Love” and “Another Day In Paradise”. It was recorded at various stadium and arena shows throughout his ‘Seriously, Live! World Tour’ and is one of the most successful live albums of all-time. 

In contrast, 1999’s, A Hot Night In Paris delivers jazzy instrumental performances of select songs from his solo discography as well as his work with Genesis.

Both albums are available here. 

For plenty more magical moments and musical gymnastics, be sure to check out our I Like: Phil Collins playlist on Spotify.

Or, listen to Phil Collins on Apple Music. 

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