Watch Stevie Nicks’ Career-Spanning Live In Chicago Set

Watch Stevie Nicks’ Career-Spanning Live In Chicago Set

stevie nicks, 2007
Stevie Nicks live in 2007. Photo by Trish Tokar/Getty Images.

Stevie Nicks' legendary career, both solo and with Fleetwood Mac, has been shaped by a moody, mysterious, perpetual journey to the centre of self. With rugged honesty, stormy romance and enchanting independence, Nicks’ hypnotic yowl introduced a healthy dose of torment and vulnerability into the traditionally shiny pop genre. 

Live In Chicago was filmed for PBS’s Soundstage on September 25th, 2007 at Grainger Studios in Chicago, IL and aired on TV in July 2008. Now is the perfect time to pass some time in the mesmerising presence of the “Gold Dust Woman”. Enjoy Stevie’s career-spanning performance below. 

“Edge Of Seventeen”

“Stand Back”



“Gold Dust Woman”

“Crash Into Me”


"If Anyone Falls In Love"



“The One”

“I Need to Know”

“Circle Dance”


“Fall from Grace”

“How Still My Love”

“Rock and Roll”

“Landslide” (Orchestral Version)

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