Watch The Long-Awaited Trailer For Upcoming Frank Zappa Documentary, Zappa

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Watch The Long-Awaited Trailer For Upcoming Frank Zappa Documentary, Zappa

Posted 30 Oct 2020
frank zappa
Frank Zappa, 1971. Photo by David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images. 

The long-awaited official trailer for the upcoming Frank Zappa documentary, Zappa debuted yesterday (Oct 29th). The Alex Winter (as in Bill from Bill & Ted) directed film is set to premiere in theatres and on demand on November 27th.

Winter was given exclusive access to the Zappa family’s “expansive” vault of rarely seen footage, never-before-seen home films, live footage and interviews from the iconoclast of rock; documenting the artists’ true depth of vision for the first time.

Alongside rarities from the Zappa archives, the film will include commentary from Frank’s wife Gail, his “stunt guitarists” Steve Vai and Mike Keneally, Mothers of Invention members Ruth Underwood, Ian Underwood and Bunk Gardner, Pamela Des Barres and more. Watch below!

Zappa [Official Trailer]

Zappa was originally due to premiere earlier this year the SXSW Festival but was postponed after the event was cancelled in March. At that time, Zappa’s son and estate trustee, Ahmet Zappa told Rolling Stone: “Alex had unfettered access to everything in our vault and total creative freedom to make this movie, unlike other filmmakers.”

“This film is by far the most intimate and expansive look into the innovative life of Frank Zappa, narrated by Frank in his own words. It’s quite unbelievable what Alex has achieved. This is the definitive Frank Zappa documentary.”

Director, Alex Winter added: “The film is filled with surprises for fans, but I think they will be most struck by the intimacy and a real sense of who Zappa actually was.”

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