When An Old Clothes Horse Says Goodbye

When An Old Clothes Horse Says Goodbye

Posted 28 May 2015
Honestly we really hope that Tom Waits’ appearance on the end series of David Letterman wasn’t his last TV show, and was a payback for Letterman’s support back when he needed it. After all David let him on 10 times over the years.


Somehow even to us uber-fans the patter in the piece with Letterman and straight man George Clooney for once didn’t seem fresh and seemed a nit rehearsed. More like Tom was doing a routine rather than responding off the cuff as he used to do.

He’s still funny, but it just wasn’t one of his best and it probably didn’t help that Letterman wasn’t on top form.

We loved the song (which was new) and appreciated the sentiment and laughed at the social media comments from people who hadn’t seen Tom howl before.

But sadly it wasn’t Frank’s Wild Years or On The Nickel but we still had to watch it.

We’re sure we’re not the only ones hoping Tom comes back with something else before he says goodbye to TV… Fingers crossed.

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