When The Saints Met The Saint and 40 Years of Eternally Yours

When The Saints Met The Saint and 40 Years of Eternally Yours


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ILYOS celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the Saints’ unforgettable second album and remembers the time the someone at their record company put two and two together and landed them an appearance alongside their famous namesake (a character made famous in the ‘60s by Roger Moore) on The Return of the Saint.  

Forty years ago this month Brisbane’s The Saints released their exalted second album Eternally Yours, recalibrating the buzzsaw guitar punk sound they pioneered with the addition of brass. Despite having cracked the Top 40 with the between-albums single “This Perfect Day“, the album failed to connect in the UK (or the US, where it was released on Sire), but it left an indelible mark on Australian music and marked a beginning of courses that the twin principals of the band, Chris Baily and Ed Kuepper, would take following their split after the release of the third album Prehistoric Sounds.  

The highlight of the album is, of course, the phenomenal “Know Your Product”, a track which still get a play seemingly every weekend on Rage and which is more widely known now than it was back in ’78.

Here’s another look at that classic video, as well a recently unearthed performance of  “This Perfect Day” on Top of the Pops.

And here’s that appearance on The Return of the Saint, a popular but short-lived series starring Simon Ogilvy that revived the famous Leslie Charteris-created character known to all baby boomers via the original The Saint TV series of the ‘60s starring future James Bond Roger Moore. This is rare and great footage of the band tearing through a version of Eternally Yours album track “Lost & Found“,  live at the iconic London venue the Marquee.

For more Saints check out the recently unearthed ABC TV live footage of  Eternally Yours album track ‘Orstalia‘ performed live in late 1977 here, and of course you can enjoy the remastered version of the album on Spotify below.


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