You Can Dig Around In Linkin Park’s “Old Band Computer”

You Can Dig Around In Linkin Park’s “Old Band Computer”

Posted 11 Aug 2020
linkin park
Chester Beninton of Linkin Park. Photo by John Shearer/WireImage.

Linkin Park are gearing up to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their seminal 2000 album, Hybrid Theory. In a recent interview with Kerrang! Singer, Mike Shinoda said that he and the band had started planning for the upcoming milestone by consulting some key figures from the band’s history to ask, “‘What do you think we should do? What would be a good celebration of Hybrid Theory?’ and try our best to do a bunch of those ideas.” 

Now, Shinoda has shared a link to Linkin Park’s website in a tweet, revealing a complete redesign of the site that now sends you directly into the depths of “Linkin Park’s Old Band Computer.”

The Windows PC styled interface features old-school pop-up windows that send you on a treasure hunt through some programs of the past. A dig around in the trash bin will uncover some artwork dating back to their pre-Linkin Park days, when the band was actually called, Hybrid Theory. The ‘Sasquatch Browser’ takes you to some early pics and clips, including footage from an MTV Cribs episode, the MTV VMAs and more.

Linkin Park | “One Step Closer” [Live at MTV VMA's 2001]

Clicking on the ‘Mail Client’ folder reveals a message from Mike Shinoda saying: “Hey guys, I’m starting to go through old gear to see what I can dig up for the secret project we spoke about. Hoping I can find some good stuff in there. Still working on getting the old band computer figured out also. I’m copying the email on the computer so whoever is in there helping can stay up to date. More soon.”

A response from drummer Rob Burbon says: “My mom has boxes of stuff as well. I’m going to start sorting through that.”

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