6 Great Magic Dirt Music Videos

6 Great Magic Dirt Music Videos

magic dirt
Magic Dirt. Photo by Martin Philbey/Redferns.

Aussie’s own fuzz-soaked noise aficionado’s, Magic Dirt have earnt their place in the Oz rock history books by channelling angsty, malevolent riffs into firecracker pop-rock arrangements. Mastering the art with 2000's What Are Rock Stars Doing Today? which was veritably bursting with hit singles! 

The band are marking twenty years since it's release next month with a special with a special White Vinyl Edition of the album; so, we're celebrating with a  look back at some of our favourite music videos from the Aussie indie icons, starting with the album's lead single “Dirty Jeans” which gave them their first spot on the charts. 

1. “Dirty Jeans”

The slightly surreal music video puts a steamy spin on a trip to the laundromat, as Adalita’s awkward adoration steadily escalates, “ordinary boys” were the new the flavour of the month. The catchy-as-hell song is a triumph of pop arrangement that was surely stuck in the head of almost every Oz rock fan for most of the year. 

2. “Pace It”

Reaching back into their fuzz-drenched roots with no abandon, “Pace It” arrived with a classic rehearsal room cut, with the band performing in front of literal walls built out of amplifiers. The high-octane track with pop-driven vocals ties together their past and present into one hard-hitting package.

3. “She Riff”

Speaking of those fuzz-drenched roots, it seems like the perfect time to revisit this eerie Picnic at Hanging Rock-themed thriller from 1998’s Young & Full of the Devil…

4. “Plastic Loveless Letter”

And on the other end of the spectrum is the pop zinger “Plastic Loveless Letter,” from the follow up to What Are Rock Stars Doing Today?, 2003’s Tough Love. Despite the melodic pop production, both the track and music video carry the band’s unmistakable grit making it equally tough as it is catchy.

5. “City Trash”

Anyone who spent their 20s terrorising their neighbours in share houses that doubled as a rehearsal space will feel right at home in this decidedly art-house offering that pushes the track into the background and favours the narrative instead to capture the mood of the moment. 

6. “Supagloo”

Speaking of narratives, “Supagloo” gave us this fantastic b-grade action thriller comes with an all-important message – could there be a better cause than rescuing adorable bunny rabbits from evil scientists?! 

Magic Dirt’s 20th Anniversary What Are Rock Stars Doing Today? White Vinyl Edition is out on November 13th. You can pre-order your copy, here!

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