Aussie Icons On Countdown – The ‘70s Part 2

Aussie Icons On Countdown – The ‘70s Part 2


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We're looking at some of the best Aussie band performances from the beloved TV show, Countdown, in the 70s. Part one, here, covered AC/DC, Skyhooks, Ted Mulry and more... and we aim to bring you the best of the 80s too, stay tuned for that one.

Renee Geyer - "Stares & Whispers"

Considered by many to be Australia’s greatest voice, Renee didn’t follow pop trends and thus didn’t have many hits but she sold a lot of albums and always demanded media attention. Countdown and Molly were unflagging in their support.

The Ferrets “Don’t Fall In Love”

Yes, an ILYOS fave, and apparently the only Australian single to make the Countdown Top 10 in 1977.

Stars - "Mighty Rock"

With the hair and moustaches Stars looked like they belonged on GTK rather than Countdown – they found a more fitting home on Nightmoves actually - but the pub audiences loved them and they maintain a strong fan base to this day.

Jo Jo Zep & the Falcons “I’m In A Dancing Mood”

Never seen this one before; and we bet it was the first reggae track performed live on Countdown. Joe and the boys still had a bit of the GTK / Nightmoves look at this point too.

The Sports - "When You Walk In The Room"

Dame Edna introduces a “scrumptious” new group from Melbourne’s pub scene.

The Angels “Take A Long Line”

This was the appearance that really put the Angels over the top. (Get it?) Don’t forget “Am I Ever Going To See Your Face Again” was a flop originally.

Rose Tattoo “Rock’n’Roll Outlaw”

A legendary performance – which had them banned - but unfortunately the kiss that Angry and guitarist Mick Cocks shared on camera has been edited out of all available versions. These guys must’ve scared the shit out of the audience.

Christie Allen “Goosebumps”

Oddly, Christie was a pop disco sensation, which oddly enough, Australia didn’t have too many of. Odder still is the fact that her live band comprised members of Richard Clapton and Russell Morris’s bands!

Cold Chisel “Choir Girl”

A fabulous live version of what really was the band’s first hit; “Khe Sanh” of course was an early miss originally. Of course a couple of years later the band would tear it up on the Countdown Awards.

Australian Crawl “Beautiful People”

Looking very young, and awkwardly straddling the gab between ‘70s FM rock and New Wave pop energy, Aussie Crawl’s first Countdown appearance finds them nonetheless very much set for stardom.


Richard Clapton “Get Back To The Shelter”

From 1980, but Richard – one of Australia’s great singer-songwriters -  was very much a product of the ‘70s, and this is one of his best. Richard had a bit of a rocky relationship with Countdown early on, as you can see here. 


Before we finish with the ‘70s; from the long lost first episode of Countdown, and unearthed in 2014 for the two-part special Countdown: Do Yourself a Favour,  a snippet of Sherbet performing “Silvery Moon”. Filmed in colour, it was originally screened in B&W. We wonder if the remainder of this episode will someday surface...



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